Best English Speaking Salons and Barbers for Men – Updated February 2023

For all my guys out there, you know the struggle of getting a good hair cut. There are plenty of quick and cheap options and nothing is wrong with that direction, but if you really want a sharp cut without the risk of losing all your hair in the process, paying a little more can bring you a long way from the $10 cuts. Let’s look at some of the best barbers and salons around Tokyo that give great men’s cuts, and also speak English!

Navigating Tokyo

If you’ve walked around anywhere in Tokyo, if you keep your eyes open you start to realize the insane amount of salons around. Coming from America, I was really confused why there were such a huge amount of salons, does everyone really need this many choices? However the salon business is Japan is extremely competitive. Because of this competitiveness salons here and stylists have an insanely high level of skill and customer service. The go all out to make sure you’re coming back next time and this means not only getting great service like shampoos and massages included in the check sometimes, but also that their skills are able to keep people coming back as well. While there are a lot of cutesy salons really targeting the girls, a lot of salons are also skilled in men’s haircuts as well.

The problem is it’s hard to tell from the exterior if a salon does get a lot of male customers or not. The culture here is much different than America where barbers generally have a masculine exterior and salons have a more feminine exterior, so let’s make things a little more simple. We did the research and found great barber shops and salons in two of Tokyo’s major areas that give great men’s cuts. While some of the options cost a little more, it’s definitely worth the service. Keeping up a clean appearance brings you a long way, and letting yourself relax at a great salon in Japan is a little luxury you should treat yourself to every now and then.

Area 1: Omotesando

Omotesando is Japan’s premium area when it comes to style, fashion, and also salons. There are a ton of great restaurant options in the area as well, so if you’re heading here for you hair cut but you have some time before or afterwards, definitely check out there area.

The name Omotesando in Japanese describes the street itself leading to one of the most famous shrines in Japan, Meiji Jingu. It’s a must visit spot for tourists and anyone going sightseeing in Tokyo. The temple grounds are spacious and when you’re deep into the park connected to the temple, you almost forget you’re in one of the busiest areas in the world.

Here are 5 great salons in this area that can get you an excellent cut, and also stylists who are used to working with foreigners.

SOZO - Omotesando

This salon is extremely popular among foreigners, and the stylists here speak great English. The stylists have all studied abroad, some in Australia, Europe and America, so not only are they familiar with English but also Westerners hair. With extensive knowledge of hair styling they are able to achieve any style. This salon also has great treatments and massage options as well for those of you that need a little extra relaxation. This salon is equally popular with men and women so definitely give this one a shot.


Vicca is a salon that’s been on the Tokyo seen for some time now. The owner has opened multiple salons in Tokyo now, and has grown his community over the years. The view of the surrounding area from the salon is awesome and the owner and English speaking staff here are studying English, so you’ll be able to communicate in English if that’s something you’re worried about.

The technique and level of execution here is top-notch, and the sense of style is also outstanding. Whether it comes to cuts, colors, or perms, they do it all here. Personally, I was able to get one of my favorite haircuts so far in Tokyo here and I really enjoyed my visit. I really felt that this salon stands apart from the rest, so definitely give it a try if you’re in the Harajuku/Omotesando area.

Assort Hair - Gaienmae

Hair Style Catalog

Assort is a popular and extremely successful chain of salons in Tokyo. This salon attracts all kinds of customers from women to men, but one this is consistent, this salon delivers. There hair cuts and variety of styles this salon pumps out every day is amazing, and if you take a look at the link to this salons hair styles page, you’ll see the diversity of men’s cuts this salons produces. If you’re looking for a trustworthy salon, this will definitely live up to your expectations. Give it a shot!

Wolfman Barber Shop - Jingumae

This salon is popular among Japanese and foreigners alike. A true men’s barber shop, the clean and masculine design and aesthetic brings you back to New York City in the 20th century with a modern flare. The barbers here are extremely talented and are able to take classic men’s styles and fit them to individual’s face shape, nature of hair and over all atmosphere to help you stand out and feel better in your own skin. This is definitely a recommendations for the guys who’d rather stay away from a Japanese salon.

T's Barber - Omotesando

This barber shop is the value option of the list. While still getting a great cut, you pay per timed course. Most men’s cuts take significantly shorter than a lot of women’s cuts, so why pay the same price? Here you get professional stylists able to create all kinds of fashionable men’s cuts and you don’t have to break the bank even though you’re going to one of the best area’s to get a cut in the world. Give this one a shot and you won’t be disappointed.

Area 2: Ginza

Ginza is one of the older and more historic areas in Tokyo and these days is the home of many expensive and luxurious restaurants, stores, and clubs. As far as tourist attractions, one great option is trying to check out a traditional Kabuki performance. The imperial palace is also located in Ginza and is another popular spot for sightseeing.

Ginza is also an extremely popular area to get your hair done in. While of course there are many high-priced salons to choose from, there are plenty of affordable options. People come to Ginza to get there hair cut when they’re looking for a trustworthy and reliable option. Let’s check out a few spots in Ginza that are popular among men.

Frank's BBC

This awesome barber shop is not compared to other so easily. Half Barber/Half Bar, this shop serves craft beer and creates an environment and experience that’s elevated from the normal cut and go. For 20 minute clean ups the price is a little pricy at 4000 yen, but you’re paying for more than just a haircut, and the skills are are top of the line. This barber shop is definitely one you tell your friends about. Get a sick haircut and enjoy a beer at this cool spot near downtown Ginza.

Premium Barber Ginza

A popular salon among men and women, the stylists here speak some English which is an immediate plus for putting worries to ease. Using google translate for any difficult requests, you can definitely get by with minimal effort. The techniques here are outstanding and the staff do their best to provide a relaxing experience from when you walk into the door until you exit.


This small private salon has blown up in popularity over the past 10 years, and for the past 8 years Bright has beat out the other 500 salons in Ginza to grab the top salon spot, rated by a reputable organization. Their high quality cuts and competitive pricing for Ginza have gained them many followers, as well as their popularity on Instagram. The 2 stylists here can create any style, men and woman’s, and the outstanding service and quality can not be argued. Balancing quick work and quality you are sure to be impressed. If you’re looking for a little luxury in life, try out this amazing salon in Ginza, Bright!

Area 3: Kichijoji

Voted the best place to live in Japan, Kichijoji is a more residential area on the west side of Tokyo. It’s accessible on the Chuo Line, one of the most used trains in Tokyo, and Kichijoji is full of small shops and restaurants, and of course hair salons. Kichijoji is one of the most popular places to go to get a haircut in all of Tokyo.

While there aren’t as many sightseeing spots as some of the other places we’ve talked about so far, there’s a beautiful park, Inokashira Koen, that’s a must see on my book. There you’ll be able to see some great wildlife, and depending on the season lots of different flowering plants. If you’re lucky enough to visit here around the end of March, you can catch the beautiful cherry blossoms here.

Now, on to the salons. Let’s check out 2 of my personal favorites in Kichijoji.


The spacious, private rooms in alotta keep you feeling relaxed while you're getting your hair cut.

This salon alotta is great. When you walk into the salon you might feel like you’re in the wrong place at first because the front of the salon is actually a haircare shop where you can purchase all different kinds of shampoos and styling products. When you’re ready for your haircut, they bring you into the back of the store where you get your own private rooms. This was a pretty popular feature during Corona, but also this style of salon has been quite popular in Japan for a while now.

There are many different stylists to choose from, and everyone has their own style and approach which you can find out more about on their website. A lot of men and women come here so you won’t feel out of place, and there are stylists who speak English as well. However all the stylists are friendly and used to dealing with foreign customers so if you’re not so worried about English, or if English isn’t even your first language to begin with, please don’t stress!

Definitely give alotta a try if you’re looking for a new place to get a fresh cut.

Chill Chair

Chill Chair features a DJ table inside to add to the cool aesthetic.

This salon is super cool, and I really liked the vibe even from the outside. The DJ table is a cool feature as well. But interior design aside, Chill Chair is full of talented stylists that work with a wide range of customers. This is a barber so they have classic barber services like shaving which some people are looking for when they get a haircut. Also, Chill Chair is open quite late which is convenient for working people.

The vibes here are cool, and also the stylists are equipped to do a lot of styles, specifically trendy street styles. You can get perms, and dye your hair here if you’re looking for something a little more edgy. This is one of my favorite salons in Tokyo, so make an appointment soon online. First time customers get a nice discount so you can try it out without breaking the bank.

Area 4: Shinjuku

Out of all the areas, it goes without saying that Shinjuku doesn’t need much of an introduction. In Tokyo, all trains basically lead to Shinjuku, making Shinjuku station the busiest train station in the world. Shinjuku has everything and isn’t necessarily famous for one specific thing like restaurants or hair salons. But saying that, of course there are some good places out there. I decided to add Shinjuku into the mix to introduce one of my personal favorite barbers in Tokyo.

Hiro Ginza Barbershop - Shinjuku

The front room which also has that cool cash register I mentioned.

Located just about a 10 minute walk from the station, it’s very accessible by public transportation. Once you go up the elevator and enter the store, the first thing you see is a very antique cash register which I always think is very cool.

The staff here are all very friendly, and according to the staff members there are a lot of foreign customers here. While some staff members do speak English, some don’t. However everyone is friendly and used to dealing with the language barrier so it’s nothing to stress over. The skills at the barbershop are top level, and I always leave satisfied no matter what style I decide to go for.

There are also some private rooms as well which usually I end up in.

In terms of the price, it’s pretty standard for quality barbershops in Tokyo, ranging from 4500 yen to 6500 yen for a standard wash, cut and shave. The store also does perms and other services so if you’re interested in that please check out their menu online! This barbershop is actual a branch of a shop a mentioned earlier, Premium Barber Ginza.

Personally, I like the warm atmosphere and service here. Sometimes Japanese salons can be a little stiff and a bit too polite for me. As an American, I like a little bit more of a casual feeling, and while I wouldn’t say it’s casual here, being a barbershop it gives off that vibe. If you’re interested, please try and make a reservation online, or if you’re feeling lucky you can always try for a walk-in.