Hair Styles in 2020: What Hairstyle is Popular Right Now?

What hair styles in 2020 are popular? Hair Styles are always coming and going. The theme of 2020: Bangs and Bobs. Let’s check out 4 of the latest trends of 2020 for women’s hairstyles, looking at some examples from the most popular salons in Tokyo.

Fashion and trends come and go in every aspect of life. Whether it’s clothes, products, ideas, and hair styles, things don’t stay around forever. And on the other side of the coin, there’s styles that have lasted forever. Natural and simple hair cuts, plain white t-shirts, jeans, sneakers. If you like to keep it simple that’s great, but one awesome thing about hair, it always grows back! If you’re looking to spice up your image, try something new, or just do something a little different to your hair, here are four of the latest trends of 2020.

Chandelier Bangs

Bangs are back this year, and one of the most popular bang styles have been named chandelier bangs. This long and layered bang hangs and frames the face, and is nice for its versatility. If you want to wear your bangs down you can curl them to the side, or just clip them back when you want to wear your hair up.

This first example is from a popular salon in Omotesando, GOKAN. We can see the long bangs styled and blended into the rest of the length of the hair. While this style is really popular now, if you don’t like to style your hair in the morning, and you don’t wear your hair up often make sure to let your stylist know. The nice thing about this style, it can be cut differently to fit each individual. If you want a wake up and go style, small adjustments make that possible, lets look at the next example.

In Ginza, the popular salon Bright has created a perfect example of a more natural chandelier bang. Framing the face nicely, while still maintaining that effortless look, this style requires minimal upkeep, and as it grows out you have plenty of options for your next cut, whether it’s getting rid of your bangs, or going for something shorter!

The Blunt Bob

A style that has come and gone, it’s back and better than ever! This sleek and fashionable style is a statement. Feminine and strong, the bob is an iconic look that can slim the face, and also be adjusted to fit anyone if done right! The blunt bob is a variation that creates strong lines, and a simple form. Let’s look at a couple examples.

Again from GOKAN, this strong style is very popular this year. You can wake up and leave it a little messy, or do a quick flat iron to create that strong tapered line depending on your mood/schedule. This style is a big jump for many, but if you’re feeling edgy or sick of dealing with long hair try this one out!

This is a slight variation from GOKAN, with more length overall. If you aren’t looking to chop everything this is also a nice option.

The Textured Bob

A little different from the blunt bob, this has been in style for a few years now. With a more textured look and softer lines, this style usually requires a little styling. You can tease it up to get a messier style, or use a curling iron to keep things a little neater while still highlighting the texture created from the cut. This softer style can fit many faces and peoples fashion and is a big recommendation for people who want to try a shorter cut.

This style comes from another Omotesando salon, SOZO. Masterfully cut we can see the volume that the texture brings after styling. I can personally vouch for the technique and service from SOZO, try this high-end salon out if you’re in Omotesando.

A flashy variation, this wonderfully styled bob comes from a salon in north Aoyama, assort: Tokyo. This chain of salons is wonderful, and many customers come to the Aoyama branch for wonderful dyes and cuts. This textured bob looks amazing in this faded blue color. If you want something edgy and stylish try this one out!

The Polished Bob

We saw the strong lines of the blunt bob, and the airy light feeling of a textured bob. Here we are staying in the middle, with light texture but keeping the hair thick with softer lines. The polished bob is the best of both worlds.

From another branch in the assort group, assort: Aoyama, this wonderful cut highlights all the strengths of a bob cut. A bold look, it’s easy to see why this style has become so popular recently.

Looking For a New Salon?

Check out our reviews of popular salons in Omotesando, one of the best places to get a hair cut in the world! If you’re looking to make a big change, or fix a hair style gone wrong, this is the area you can go to and not worry about a thing.