About Best Salon Report

How it all started

Best Salon Report first appeared on media in 2008 to introduce well-selected, high quality salons. Mr. Hashiguchi, who is the company CEO, was in charge of the project at that time. Mr. Hashiguchi often had to relocate due to his work, and he was always having some difficulties to find a perfect salon in new locations. Since his job requires him to meet many people, it is important for him to maintain a clean cut appearance, including his hair. He started his project by interviewing hair salons when he was still struggling to find the right salon for himself. As he visited many different salons for the interview, he realized that each hair salon had its own characteristic and different focus.

For example, there are some salons which are

  • known for their speedy service and reasonable price
  • highly recognized in Japan and overseas due to their contest results
  • offering relaxing atmosphere just like a café
  • focusing on hair care, including special treatment and head spa
  • specialized in perm and color
  • providing extraordinary, excellent customer service just like a five-star hotel
  • known as a private salon: the same stylist takes care of one customer from the beginning to the end
  • community oriented and loved by all generations

As each salon has its own unique element and specialty, there is no single definition of “good salon.” For example, some customers focus on getting a trendy hairstyle, while others prioritize aging hair care. Also, excellent customer service could be the most important element for some customers. At the same time, each hair salon has a different priority. Hashiguchi was amazed to find out the huge difference among each hair salon. So, he decided to introduce the characteristics of carefully selected salons, which offer the highest level of techniques and services. This is how Best Salon Report started.

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