English Speaking/International Friendly Hair Salons in Tokyo – Updated July 2024

Let me introduce you to the best English speaking and foreigner friendly salons in Tokyo. Finding a salon that really fits you is no easy task, let alone in one of the biggest cities in the world. On top of that, a salon that’s good for foreigners feels impossible to find. But whether your traveling in Tokyo or living here full time, going to a salon for a cut can be a great experience in Tokyo. We’re focusing on getting to know 4 areas: Omotesando, Kichijoji, Azabu and Daikanyama. All just a train ride away from Shinjuku, these spots are where you should look for your next cut.

The Current Landscape of the Beauty Scene in Japan

One thing I remember clearly about my first experience living in Japan was walking down a fairly residential street and passing 7 hair salons. Surely 7 hair salons within 500m of each other couldn’t stay in business for very long, yet that is the current landscape of the beauty industry in Japan. While this makes the business side quite unforgiving for salons, the level of service and skill customers can experience is of the highest level due to the competitive nature of salons these days. Already holding such high standards of customer service and this wild beauty scene, Japan makes enjoying a wonderful salon experience quite easy.

Over the past 10 years the tourism industry in Japan has skyrocketed. As global travel becomes more accessible to more people, Japan’s tourist levels rise and rise. Full of rich history, and unique tradition Japan’s culture captures the hearts of many. And as the tourism industry grows so does the salon industry, driving the beauty scene to become even more competitive.

The Shibuya and Harajuku area being very fashionable along with the number of salons consistently increasing has pushed many salons in this area to be much more foreigner friendly.

During this growth period, many salons have come and gone. What makes a popular salon these days consists of 3 big points.

First is the style of the salon. Aesthetics are a important when customers are looking for the total package. A good aesthetic helps you enjoy a more relaxing experience and escape daily life for a few hours.

The second is of course the technique, although this isn’t hard to find these days in Japan. As the industry becomes more competitive, the skill level of average stylists increases, and this is why Japan has some of the best hairdressers in the world.

These days in Tokyo, many of the top salons send their stylists overseas to train in places like London and New York where many of the Western styles and trends are born. Taking this and adding it to Japanese insanely high customer service standards makes for a truly wonderful experience at salons.

Lastly, the most important is the bang for your buck. How much do you really get for your money, and is it worth it? Luckily you don’t need to worry about this part, we’ve got your back.

Now that many salons use English and also know how to treat many types of hair, foreigners are able to enjoy this experience too without the worry of a bad story to carry around for 3 months while your hair grows out.

Great Areas in Tokyo for Salon Hunting


First off, Omotesando is probably the best place to go for a stylish cut. Being one of Tokyo’s newer developed areas, Omotesando in Minato City is the center of fashion in Japan.

The name Omotesando actually means “Front Road to the Shrine” in Japanese, but where does it really go? Leading to Meiji-Jingu, one of the most famous temples in Japan, this area is dedicated to the beloved emperor Meiji who lead the transformation of Japan into a modern nation in the late 19th century. While this road was originally a sacred and religious place, it has also become Japan’s premiere fashion and shopping area. With the famous Takeshita shopping street, the giant department store Laforet Harajuku, and shops by nearly every top brand in the world, this is the one stop spot for hardcore shopping.


Let’s look at the Kichijoji area. Voted most desirable place to live in all of Japan, with Yokohama and then Ebisu just behind. This small town is located in Western Tokyo in Musashino city, known for the well kept park and streets, the quieter low-rise neighborhoods and the many boutiques and cafes, this area is the perfect spot for a quiet brunch, an afternoon walk or just to go window shopping with your friends.

And Kichijoji is also one of the best places to go to find a great salon.

This area actually has the highest salon per population percentage in western Tokyo, with about 30 salons per 10000 people. As the amount of salons here steadily increases every year, we’re wondering how is the rate even maintainable? Well this area has a staunch reputation among local Edokko (people born and raised in Tokyo) for being a salon spot. And only a 25 minute train ride from Shinjuku on the Chuo line, the location is perfect to get out of the hustle near downtown Tokyo but still get the classic Tokyo feeling.


Next up is Azabu-juban. This area is where most of Japanese foreign embassies are located, so you will be able to find people from all over the world in this more residential area. The area is perfect for finding English speaking salons. While avoiding the higher prices in neighboring places like Omotesando or Ebisu, you can still get a Tokyo quality hair cut in English for less than some of the more expensive places. If you don’t want to stress, or aren’t looking to practice your Japanese at a salon, I highly recommend checking out this area.


Lastly let’s check out Daikanyama. This area isn’t widely known among foreigners, but its convenient location in West Tokyo makes it a prime location for amazing salons that dodge the hustle and bustle of the main city areas. Known by the locals for the low-rise buildings, designer shops, and for having great brunch spots, Daikanyama is a cute place and packed with small shops. From trendy cafe’s, small designer shops as well as some luxury options, this is the perfect window shopping area.

There are many salons in this area are especially that are looking to serve more foreigners and compete with locations in the more well-known parts of Tokyo. If you aren’t interested in being in a very crowded area, Daikanyama is a must go for your salon trip.

Best Salons in Tokyo

Most of our selected salons are in these three main areas, however there are amazing salons all over. Depending on what kind of experience you want we have something here for everyone, so let’s dive in and look at the best salons throughout Tokyo.

SOZO (Writer's Favorite)

The interior of SOZO.

This is a no risk choice, so if you’re unsure of a salon to visit I highly recommend this one. Attracting hundreds of foreigners from all around the world, all members of this salon are fluent in English. The owners having worked in places like London and NYC understand the importance of a global perspective, and able to accommodate western customers in both language and style, SOZO is the leading salon in Tokyo. If you’re looking for a salon that will cater to your individual hair needs, this is the one for you.

By carefully selecting the right treatment and dye to suit each customer, every coloring achieves the highest grade of execution. While this salon is well known for its masterful selection of dyes, the unique cutting techniques used by the staff are just as impressive. After the hair is balanced with a wet cut, it’s carefully refined through a dry cut to achieve a flawless look. With the use of skilled dry cuts, expansive color menus and personalized hair treatments, a balanced cut and color that leaves your hair healthy is a guarantee at SOZO.

The two co-owners and famous stylists of SOZO.

In recent news, SOZO opened their own beauty school in February of 2020. After growing to become one of the leading salons in Tokyo, the next step for the two owners is opening a beauty school. They will help more salons become accessible to foreigners and share the Japanese salon culture with people from many different backgrounds. If you’re looking for a trustworthy salon with excellent technique and service, this is a must try.

SOZO Ginza (February 2023 Open)

Coming from Omotesando, the owners have recently opened a second spot in Ginza, so if you’re located on the east side of Tokyo this one might be a bit more accessible to you. There no difference in quality or performance here, and you’re sure to enjoy the amazing salon in the more historic area of Ginza.

The staff here are still used to serving foreigners and using English, but if you’re particularly concerned about communication please ask for an English speaking stylist when making your appointments. This is a safe option for anyone looking for a haircut, color, perm, head spa, hair treatment, you name it. So book online as soon as possible as the schedule here can fill up quickly.


This salon is a hidden gem in the Omotesando area. The owner has been working as a stylist in the area for many years now, and has slowly expanded, opening more salons in Tokyo and also Kanagawa. The atmosphere of the space is great, with windows on the outer walls looking out to the surroundings.

The skills here are at the highest level. The stylists cut carefully, making sure not to leave any hair untouched and using well maintained scissors that won’t snag and tug at your hair. If you’re thinking of getting a coloring or perm, they specialize in many different kinds of treatments here so please check out their menu and go for it. This spot is a safe option and you’re sure to leave satisfied, so please give it a try and make your appointment today!


Gokan is a famous and well-known stylist throughout the beauty community in Japan. Often travelling to speak in seminars and teach his own way of styling to hair dressers around the nation, Gokan decided to open his own salon in Omotesando.

Wildly successful, the staff here boast 20+ years of experience each. Able to achieve any style, color, and look, this is a place you can go with no worries. Try out this salon if you want more of a personal experience with veteran stylists.

assort TOKYO

This salon has a large customer base of people from all ages and backgrounds. Because of the versatility of this salon, many people come here for all types of cuts and colors. This is because of the wide range of stylists, each specializing in different areas like coloring or dry cuts, and on top of that all of the stylists are warm and friendly. The community here is loyal, and was carefully grown by excellent service over the years.

This salon is especially known for perms. For a long time now in Japan, perms are extremely popular to get natural looking curls, waves, and volume. There are also a hand-full of more edgy perms like punch perms, which are popular with the younger community who are into street styles. Since many Japanese people have straight and smooth hair this is a popular option. If you’re looking to try a perm, whether getting a strong perm for tighter curls, or just a light perm for more texture and volume, this is a good place to go to.

The waiting area is quite stylish, just like the rest of the store.

assort AOYAMA

This branch of the assort salons is the most popular among foreigners. Ranked as one of the world leading salons in Tokyo, this salon’s customer base is full of customers just visiting and transplants living and working in Japan. With all of the staff having over 10 years of experience, this is a trustworthy spot.

This salon is especially good at coloring, for natural looking styles, highlights and balayage. In Japan, most people prefer subtle coloring that doesn’t draw too much attention. Since most Japanese people have very dark hair, they like to get coloring to add shape and interest to their hair styles. The staff here are excellent at diagnosing hair problems and then finding the path that will be the best for each hair type. If you’re worried about seriously damaging your hair with dyes and chemicals, try out the Aoyama branch of assort first.

This is a shot after the cut and color, before styling.


SIN DEN has been around for 22 years now. As the salon grew over the years, it has evolved with the times. Now with the creative director coming from South Africa, he has experienced hair styles, trends, looks and hair types of many cultures and countries. Using this knowledge, the team here accommodates customers of all kinds of backgrounds.

This salon is exceptionally trendy. Having features in The New York Fashion week, this salon knows how to create an eye catching style. One of the popular services here is the Keratin treatment. These treatments were quite popular 10-15 years ago, but fell out of style when people found out many of these treatments contained formaldehyde. This treatment is cutting edge and doesn’t contain any formaldehyde. The press lasts 2-3 months longer than other keratin treatments. If you’re looking for a trendy salon that can cater to your hair type, give this one a try!

Look at that shine!

claude MONET

When you hear about this salon by word of mouth in Kichijoji, people always talk about the kind staff members. The service here is excellent and the staff are always willing to help. This comes from the wonderful atmosphere the team at claude MONET have created among themselves.

This salon is always holding work shops and working together to elevate the skills of the group and continue learning how to create styles, new trends and reviewing the basics of hair design. If you’re looking for a professional but also friendly experience at a top salon in Tokyo, we can only recommend claude MONET.

alotta (Writer's Favorite)

A recent trend in Japan is creating a more one-on-one salon experience. Instead of being juggled around from staff to staff during your appointment, they’ve created a more personal experience. This is one of the strong points of alotta. Once the receptionist passes you off to the stylist, you’re escorted to your own room equipped with everything the stylist needs. While you sit back your stylist takes care of the rest, and it also feels a little safer during these times with corona since you are closed off from the other customers. There are a large selection of different stylists, so I definitely recommend checking out their website to read through the stylists interview, and find someone you connect with. Each stylist is quite friendly and while not all the stylists can speak English fluently, I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy your time with them.

Another great feature of alotta is the hair product shop at the entrance. You can stock up on your favorite shampoos and treatments so you’re hair stays in the best condition until your next appointment, as well as ask for recommendations from your stylist on what products to use for your hair type. alotta really has it all, and you will sure leave satisfied.


If you’re looking to support woman owned businesses in Japan, please visit Anpians. Creating an inviting and relaxing environment, this salon boasts an all woman staff here, and each of them are just wonderful people. It’s hard to tell whether or not it’s the first time they’ve met someone if you listen in on one of their conversations.

And this salon isn’t popular just because of the great atmosphere and conversation, the techniques here are no joke. Often utilizing a NY dry cut technique, the stylists cut hair to be the easiest to handle and style once you get back home. This is definitely a spot of high recommendation, especially for women.

Beauty Salon BIRTH

With an easy-to-get-to location next to Kichijoji station, BIRTH has been around for about 40 years! This veteran salon is not behind the times though. Known for shorter hair styles easy-to-style cuts, this salon is especially good for first timers. The staff here are good at picking up what you’re looking for even if you’re not the best at communicating.

The key to withstanding the changes of time when it comes to business is really just listening to the customers. The humble staff here are always willing to do anything they can to give the customers what they’re looking for. This is the place to go to find a experienced staff and a professional hair cut.

lieu de PARTIL

PARTIL is of the more fashionable and trendy salons in Kichijoji. Always creating striking and modern designs, this shop is great for someone looking to get a new look or to try something different. That being said, the techniques here are top of the line and stylists are able to create any style the customers are looking for. Focusing on creating a balanced and beautiful silhouette, you can rest assured your cut will suit your facial structure and will sit nicely even as it grows out. Give this popular salon a shot!

TK for Hair Salon

TK has been a popular salon with a strong following for over 20 years now. Known for utilizing dry cut methods, their reputation comes from all the happy customers who feel their hair has never been easier to style. They go for “natural but fashionable” looks here and really try to balance a persons image with a cut rather than make a loud statement. This salon is also quite popular on Instagram so check them out!

mu-kichi Kichijoji

mu-kichi is a classic Kichijoji salon, with a unique style, kind stylists and reasonable prices. This is a one stop all spot, and also a one-on-one experience. The stylists guide you through the whole process from cut, colors and treatments. While being up to date on the latest style trends, these stylists hold masterful techniques and can create whatever style the customers are looking for.

mu-kichi also holds a strong reputation for men’s cuts as well, despite the more feminine and soft interior. The stylists are also great at giving styling and upkeep advice for home to keep your hair fresh and in good condition until you’re next appointment. Stop by and give this smaller salon a try!


All the stylists here besides the owner are female, and this interesting salon is stylish and reasonably priced. The interesting point is the interior design. Each room like the waiting room, shampoo area, styling area, etc. are all designed with a different feel creating an adventurous feel as you make your way through the salon.

The skills here are carefully refined, and the staff has monthly meetings on new techniques as well as discussing the latest trends and such to keep the style here at the forefront of the beauty industry. After careful counselling and service, customers are left feeling happy and satisfied with their new look. If you’re also looking for a head spa treatment, this one is especially recommended.


This salon is especially popular with customers worried about using harsh chemicals and products. With a selection of products catered to people with sensitive skin, and with more naturally derived alternatives to popular chemicals used in hair products, this trendy salon has a strong following. The stylists here are careful to make sure they are doing only what you want. Doing more than just a single counseling session in the beginning, they make sure to check in throughout the process to avoid that sad “too short” or “too long” feeling by the end. This reliable salon is a must try, and the unique atmosphere is just a bonus. Give it a visit!


There is a bright atmosphere that the camera doesn’t capture here. The friendly staff go above and beyond to create an environment that encourages customers to relax and have a good time while they take care of their hair. The stylists are not only friendly, but hard working and are always brushing up on their skills and techniques which is reflected by the good reviews. Using different techniques for thicker hair vs thinner hair, the stylists here have a deep understanding of how to treat individuals as individuals, and not a one fits all cutting technique. Find your niche at Niche and let them help you achieve the best style for you!


This is a diamond hidden in Roppongi. Shinka is a wonderful salon about a 4 minute walk from the station. First of all, the entire staff speaks English which makes things a lot less stressful as a foreigner. This salon’s customer base is nearly 50% foreigners as well, so don’t feel pressure like you might be the first foreigner walking in. This also means the stylists here are used to dealing with European hair types.

The luxurious Roppongi location.

Able to balance facial structure and take into account how the hair falls and flows naturally, the stylists here are top-notch. If you’re looking for a cut in Tokyo you’ve come to the right place.

And if Roppongi is a little to crowded for you, try out the location in Azabu-Juban. Being a little more residential but still in the heart of Tokyo, you can escape to cute cafes and shops before you head into your appointment.

The feminine mid-century modern Azabu-Juban location.

A Cut Above

This salon in Azabu has a large expat community since the owner is bilingual! Also, if you’re thinking about a hair straightening treatment this is the place to go in Azabu. This salon offers keratin straightening treatments. If you have heard about these then you know about the dangers of getting this procedure done incorrectly. If done without care and without the customers hair quality in mind, it can have damaging effects, however if done correctly you can enjoy straighter, easier to style hair. This isn’t so far as a perm, but more than just a temporary hot press. Many customers come here for this treatment.

This salon also offers herbal coloring treatments. This is a more natural alternative to traditional salon grade dyes. If you’re looking to get some natural looking highlights or colors, a herbal option might be for you.

VIP Creative Hair International

VIP Creative is a elegant salon with many options. First off the coloring skills here bring customers from all over looking to dye their hair. From the lightest blonds to the darkest brunettes, the stylists here can help you achieve the perfect color.

This salon also has an array of spa options from facials to hair spas. And if you’ve thought about wearing a kimono for a festival or local event in Japan but weren’t sure how to go about it, VIP offers a full kimono dressing service. From the rental to make up and how to wear and walk in your kimono, VIP can help you! Go see the summer fireworks this year in traditional Japanese fashion!

One World

This salon has served customers from over 77 different countries since opening! The fully English speaking staff have been serving the foreign community for over 10 years now and this salons success comes from this strong connection with the community.

The head spa is definitely a recommended choice if you’re looking to relax a little and get away from Tokyo. Using a natural remedy coming from the Indonesian Islands, this cream is packed with fruits and herbs in a mix that will seriously improve the quality of your scalp and hair. The massage is also amazing and leaves you relaxed and ready for the week!

Hair Dress Azabu

This salon is truly one of a kind in Tokyo. A fully private salon, the owner works solo and customers must make a reservation in advance. Because he only serves 5 people a day, you’ll need to book a bit ahead of time, however you get a full one-on-one experience that usually only celebrities experience.

When asked about the characteristics of his haircuts, he said a chef never reveals the secret ingredient! This ingredient probably comes from his hardworking demeanor and his time studying hairdressing in London. If you’re looking for a one of a kind experience, try booking here!

assort at Gaienmae

The interior of assort's main location in Tokyo.

One of the premiere salons in Tokyo, this chain is world wide, with locations all over Japan as well as cities like NYC, Hong Kong and Amsterdam. The staff has been trained in many different places and areas, able to work with customers of many hair types. The assort group’s work is featured in magazines frequently, and they are well versed in many different styles, especially the latest trends.

Knowing a wide variety of cutting, dying and perming techniques, trust that ASSORT is able to achieve whatever the customer is looking for. If you’re looking for a professional cut, or just looking to experience a top quality salon in Japan, give this one a try.


Natura's beachy and cool atmosphere.

Natura’s name comes from its goal to create functional and natural styles. From long sun-kissed beach waves, to short one length bobs, this salon can do it all. Particular about setting lengths and angles, the stylists here work extra hard to match these measurements with customers unique bone structures and proportions.

As well as balancing this, the key is in the inner cut. This is cutting the hair that you usually don’t see, and is important for weight placement and controlling volume to balance a style. These styles are all easy to throw together at home, and mix fashion and trends with every day lifestyle. Give this salon a try!


Stylish and fresh interior of KILLA.

Popular and in front of Meiji Jingu this salon is trendy and fresh, always working with the latest styles. The salon’s knowledge of coloring and perms is vast, able to adjust and cater to the individual’s hair types and needs. This salon also has developed its own line of balms, treatments and shampoos for customers to treat a variety of problems from dry hair and scalp to increasing the easy of styling.

The prices here are competitive and the service is truly wonderful, not to mention they are happy to work with foreign and domestic customers alike. The staff includes fluent English speakers so you can have a relaxing time and enjoy some conversation. Give this one a shot.

BONDZ at Azabu-Juban

BONDZ salon has a very New York feel with dark wide-board flooring, black chairs and a brick wall.

BONDZ salon looks to break conventional boundaries and create new bonds between people. The staff have all trained in New York and specialize in New York style dry cuts. This is the best way to balance weight and create textures, lines and shapes.

While their techniques are outstanding, this salons is well known for its treatments. Creating their own line of products with natural ingredients sourced from Japan, BONDZ strives to create beautiful hair from the inside out. I highly recommend these treatments. Sit back, relax and try out one of the scalp massages and watch how the quality of your hair improves!

GARDEN omotesando

The spacious and modern floor plan of GARDEN.

GARDEN is part of a popular salon chain with locations all over including New York. This salon is very active on social media, and is constantly shooting new styles and creating look-books for customers. Being up to date on all the latest trends they can offer professional services and always know how to create a trendy cut. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, give GARDEN at shot. I also recommend the head spa or a scalp massage.

Boy ATTIC Daikanyama

Some snapshots featuring the founder, Mr. Mogi.

First of all, the vibes and style of this salon are wonderful. You might feel like the space is more like a lab than a salon, so for people who like a clean and modern space, the interior should be just to your liking.

The owner of the Boy salon group, Masayuki Mogi, is a internationally successful hair designer. This salon is famous for utilizing a special cutting technique, “Hazushi,” which is a take on a dry-cutting method. Dry cuts are great for creating shape and texture, and also ensuring that you’re getting a cut that will look good after your hair dries. Wet cuts also have their strong points as well, but a masterful dry cut is unmatched. You will be able to feel the craftsmanship and precision of the styling here.

If you’re looking for a modern and fun salon experience, please check out this gem. Make a reservation fast through their website linked just below!


Store NameBoy ATTIC Daikanyama


The smaller yet relaxing interior of COME HAIR.

A smaller salon, the owner here is extremely kind and friendly. Using natural products and offering a variety of correcting treatments and menus if necessary, this salon focuses on being environmentally conscious and also works to reduce plastic waste and used more bio-degradable products, as well as volunteering for creating wigs for children with cancer and other health issues causing hair loss.

There are some staff here who can specifically use English if you’re particularly worried the language barrier, but the staff here have all trained overseas, and being a smaller salon, you get a more relaxing experience but you aren’t sacrificing quality or technique. This is definitely a recommend if you want a more personal and quiet experience.

The mid-century modern accents and bright lights are wonderful.

Re Daikanyama

A modern yet rustic style that feels very American inspired.

‘Re’ has English speaking staff and the stylists here are very well trained. The salon took their name from the Latin root ‘re’ to do again. The ideology here is to keep practicing, learning and working hard, and then repeat.

This salon has a warm rustic feel, with a lot of country American influence. Located along Daikanyama, ‘Re’ isn’t only popular with women but men as well, with a great menu of options for everyone. Being in such a fashionable and growing area, this is a great option for someone looking for a salon a little bit outside the big spots in Tokyo.


The modern and open concept is a breath of fresh air.

After being featured in many magazines and TV programs, this trendy salon has been gaining popularity recently. ‘Liike’ strives to draw out the charms and nuance of each style, highlighting the individual’s character and lifestyle. By making small adjustments according to things like facial structure and shoulder width, the difference between a good cut and a great cut is achieved here. Balancing the use of wet and dry techniques, precise weight placement becomes apparent, especially the next day when you’re styling your own hair.

Welcoming foreign customers, this salon is happy to serve anyone and has created a warm community. If you’re looking to get some hair treatments and improve your overall hair quality, this salon is also popular in this area. I encourage you to give this one a shot.

Sweetroom Daikanyama

Sit back and relax at this total beauty salon.

Located 10 on foot from Ebsiu station, this highly rated total beauty salon is known for is great pricing. While enjoying the bright and spacious interior you can experience a high level of technique and service without the extra money. The staff here are kind and hard working.

With a full range of services from cuts and colors, to nails and luxury hair treatments, it’s no wonder this fashionable salon has become a hit in recent years. If you’re looking to stick close to the Yamanote line but avoid the bigger areas, this is the spot for you.

Fam Daikanyama

After careful counseling, the goal here at Fam is to create a truly easy and effortless style, that is easy to reproduce at home. Tailoring to each customers needs, a balance of wet and dry cut techniques is utilized to bring about the best results. Always ready to give advice as well, stylists really just want to give you a style that will suit your life style and fashion sense.

In terms of coloring options, they offer natural dyes organically sourced which is great for hair that is more sensitive or customer who want a change but don’t want to suffer any damage or texture change. And after everything the head spa here is recommended. With multiple treatments focusing on the scalp, the main purpose is to promote healthy hair from the root out, as well as stimulate new healthy hair growth. Try it out!